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4 Helpful Ways To Grow Your Email Marketing List

Building an email marketing list can be a bit frustrating and tiresome process but you have to gout about it the right way. The following are the proven ways on how to generate sales and lead from a good email marketing list:

1. Assure that your opt-in form can be easily seen or noticed

If you are determined about growing your email list, then the registration area on your web site must be easy to find. You must make the sign-up process visible and catchy on your homepage, above the fold. All you really need is a good and clearly written invitation to opt in to your emails, a box where visitors can enter their email address and a subscribe button or newsletter or offers.

2. Don’t ask for too much information

Most people are annoyed or not happy to give personal information immediately, so you must only ask information that is related to the business. You should ask for information at the opt-in stage that you are either legally needed to have, or will use for very specific commercial purposes. It is proven and testes that requesting too much information has a bad impact on the customer experience and will lead to a lower your opt-in rates, so it is better to ask less information to a potential buying client. Usually, email address is enough. Any extra information such as name, address or phone number can be asked at a later stage. You need to strike a balance though as asking little information will stop market segmentation at a later stage.

3. You must offer an incentive to sign-up

It has become a lot difficult to get people to join in email marketing lists as they are overloaded with marketing emails these days whether they want it or not. So, to make it easier for your case you need to offer an incentive at sign-up. This can be anything free but useful content like eBooks to big discounts on products and services.

4. You must make your opt-in process transparent

Transparency plays an important role in a business, so tell your possible clients about how the subscription process is going to work. While signing up is a good idea, it is also helpful for people to learn and understand about the rest of the subscription process, therefore tell them what will happen next. This is especially crucial when you make use of double opt-ins.

One you have good email marketing list, you must immediately follow up with information after subscribing. Assure that the confirmation emails is sent to subscribers within 10 minutes and you can send further quality information as soon as possible after the first email. You need to deliver on your sign-up incentives and design welcome emails that coach new subscribers with your offers.

When creating your email marketing lists, look at the opportunities outside your email marketing system like for example, seminars, networking, trade shows or offline and online events. Think like there’ no box and take advantage of the every opportunity you have list names, addresses and opt-in agreements.

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