best domain name registrars

Best Domain Name Registrars

So today, let’s look at some of the most popular and best domain name registrars so that it will be easier for you to choose one among them.

Domain names have become quite a commodity these days, but with dozens of companies all fighting for your business, it can be really difficult to choose the one. What could be the criteria to evaluate if a registrar is better than the other?

3 Factors to compare domain registrars

You might be wondering if it really matters where you buy your domain names. It’s true that all domain registrars do pretty much the same thing. Still, their policies vary and it may affect how you control your domain name once you buy it. For example, how easy is it to switch registrars and what kind of customer service do you get if you have a problem?

#1. Price

Price of course is one of the most decisive factor. You’d certainly like to save on every purchase and how domain names could be different. On other hand, there is general conception that good quality comes only in good price 🙂

#2. Customer Service

Customer Service can be another important factor to look into. You are not yet perfect in domain marketing and still needs to learn to configure it, so that it points to your website. There might be many situations when you need to configure some domain settings, for example when you wished to park your domain. Having a good customer service will give you peace of mind after you purchase.  (Y)

#3. Value Added Features

Value added features are the other aspect that will attract you to one registrar among many available. Though two registrars charge you equal money, one might be offering more features and services than other. For example, you should pay additional fee for Domain Privacy, SSL certificate, DNS Control, Domain Forwarding and Cloaking and so on for one registrar while another registrar may be offering these features for free!

7 points to care while choosing registrar

Apart from ease of use, services offered and business ethics, here I’ll point out some of the important considerations you should take note of while finalizing any domain registrar for your new domain name.

#1. ICANN Accreditation

Check if your registrar is in ICANN’s accredited list (click the link to visit the list of registrars). ICANN stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers which oversees the domain name system of the internet.

#2. Make sure the domain is registered to you

Happens often if you buy domains from free or below-cost domain names. The web host or third party registrar may control your domain name making it difficult or impossible to transfer to other registrars. So, make sure that you are the rightful owner of your domain name.

#3. Check what the fees include

Learn the pricing policy and what different services are covered by the fees. Whether the advertised cost includes ICANN fees or you should pay it separately.

#4. Unusual domain extension

When you are going to buy .com domain name, there won’t be much problem. Almost all of the registrars are allowed to sell those domains. However, if your wish to buy some unusual domain extensions such as .uk, .np or .in, make sure your registrar is allowed to sell them.

#5. Extra Features

Some registrars offer extra services such as domain forwarding, email accounts, email forwarding and so on. If you need any extra feature, make sure your registrar offers those services and if you can get it free or with additional fees.

#6. Private Registration

If you don’t want to display your personal information in Whois record, you need to purchase private registration. Check if your registrar supports it and if it offers for free or there is some additional charge. Whois search will tell who is behind the blog.

#7. Coupon Codes and Discounts

The domain registrars often offer discounts or issue some online coupon that will help you to save money while purchasing your new domain name. In some occasion like ‘Black Friday’, there may be huge discount coupon codes.

Okay! After you learn all these, it’s now time to check some popular domain registrars.

Best Domain Name Registrars

In this portion of current discussion, I will point some of the best companies from whom you can buy new domain names. I have my first hand experience with some and others are based on the reviews they receive.

#1. GoDaddy

According to the ConsumerSearch, is the most popular domain registrar. More than one quarter of all domain names are registered through GoDaddy which is almost four times to its nearest competitors.

With GoDady you have all the domain tools required to manage and you live in the feeling of assured!

#2. NameCheap secured the first position in’s reader response. LifeHacker asked “Which domain registrar is best” in a poll with its readers, and NameCheap got 3506 (38.35%) votes.

NameCheap, despite the name, is not the cheapest domain registrar on the block, but they are easy to use and set up. However, it is praised for the extremely competitive price. Email and URL forwarding, security features, and domain management control are included with all registrations.

General Price: $9.69 per year

#3. is an ICANN Accredited Domain Registrar that provides unique and comprehensive services to a wide range of clients. The company’s goal is to accommodate the needs of their customers by offering robust domain registration and renewal services. offers a variety of web-based services that complement their abilities as a domain registrar. This is the third best domain registrar in my list.

General Price: $9.99 per year

#4. 1&1 Domain Registrar

1&1 Internet is the world’s fastest growing and largest web hosting provider, currently serving about 10 million customers with reliable web hosting and domain registration services. 1&1 offers some of the best prices in the industry, mostly due to their leverage as one of the largest providers in the field.

All 1&1 domain registrations include a simple five-page starter website (consider it a “super” domain parking package), an email account with 2GB of storage, and free private domain registration to shield your personal information. 1&1 also offers free domain transfer.

#5. Network Solutions

Network Solutions’ domain and site offerings aren’t the cheapest, but they are unparalleled in terms of flexibility. It can be a great choice if you plan to manage a large number of domains and Web pages. Most other domain registrars offer canned packages for the domain name and Web sites of various sizes. Network Solutions reaches for a more ‘according to the menu’ approach.

To register a domain alone for one year costs $34.99, and to register a domain for a year with a starter Web page is $49.99. You get 24/7 toll-free support with every package. A five-page site is $109 per year, and a five-page site with two e-mail boxes is $149. No storage limit is imposed on your Web site. Network Solutions will let you register a domain for 100 years (for $999)—a helpful feature if you want to make your site permanent, because you’ll never have to worry about renewals.

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