How to Auto Backup WhatsApp Chats to Another Device

With almost 1 billion active users around the world, it’s safe to say that a good portion of the world’s memories are stored in their WhatsApp chat history. The problem is that WhatsApp chats are automatically backed up in your phone’s internal storage… meaning that if something happens to your phone, those memories are gone for good. Whether your phone is lost, stolen or irreparably damaged, you want to make sure your WhatsApp chats and media are safe and retrievable. This article will show you how to have WhatsApp auto backup your chats to cloud storage so that you can restore them onto any device.

WhatsApp for Android – Backup to Google Drive


This is a new feature from WhatsApp for Android users which is being rolled out as we speak, so even if you have the most updated version, you might not have access to Google Drive backup yet (there’s a way around that, don’t worry). In any case, it was a great move on the part of WhatsApp to team up with Google Drive for this (even though WhatsApp is owned by Facebook now), since that’s what Android users would be the most comfortable with.

To see if your device has been updated with Google Drive backup for WhatsApp, go to your WhatsApp settings from the home screen and select “Chats and calls”. The standard backup that goes to your phone’s internal storage is called “Back up chats”. If you have the new cloud backup, it will say “Chats Backup”. You can choose to have WhatsApp automatically back up your chats and shared media files to Google Drive daily, weekly, monthly, or never by entering your Google email address.

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If you don’t have it yet and just can’t wait, you can download the APK file for this feature directly, but you’ll have to get it from the internet. Your Android phone is programmed to think that anything that doesn’t come out of the Google Play Store is sketchy, so you’ll have to change your security settings. Go to your device “Settings”, then “General”, then “Security” and check the box that says “Unknown sources”. You should also disable automatic updates in the Google Play Store (and maybe back your files up before you go downloading random programs from the internet).

WhatsApp for iPhone – Backup to iCloud


iPhone users have had the option to backup their WhatsApp chats to cloud storage for a while using Apple’s own iCloud. The process is really simple and intuitive; you may have already done it before while tinkering around with your settings and not even remember doing it.

To have WhatsApp automatically backup your chats and media to iCloud instead of your iPhone’s storage, go to your WhatsApp settings and select “Chats and calls”, then “Chats Backup”. You can do an instant, one-time backup by tapping “Back Up Now”, or turn on Auto Backup and decide whether you want to include shared video files in your auto backup.

Now that everything in your WhatsApp chats is backed up to Google Drive or iCloud, you have one less thing to worry about if something tragic happens to your phone.

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