How to get optimal image size for web for better SEO performance

How to get optimal image size for web for better SEO performance

So, what makes a best optimal image for your website?

Yes, it should be light in weight in terms of size of the image and should look good as a stock photo of your article or if you are using it inside post then also it should look good as well as it should be light in weight.

So, In this article I am going to explain that how you can get Optimal image size for web to improve SEO performance of your blog or website. Do you know that size of the images you are using on your blog affects SEO performance of your blog? Yes it can but how

How Optimal Image size affects SEO performance?

For instance, If you are using stock photo of your image whose size is 500KB then it will take more time as well as more data to get loaded. Google likes fast sites and if you will use image whose size is more then it will decrease the speed of your blog and Google as well as your regular reader is not going to like it.

Instead of that, if you will use image which is less then 100KB then experience of Google as well as your regular reader will improve and Google is going to like that because your site is loading faster. So, By this way you can improve SEO performance of your blog as well as your user’s experience.

Yes, Now you know that Optimal image size will optimize your site for search engine. For that, you also have to make sure that you know the right method to decrease the size of the image without loosing its quality. So, now let me show you that how you can optimize size of any image practically.

For instance, I have one article related to wordpress that’s why i have to find similar image from Google if i want it for free otherwise i have to purchase it. Currently i am going to get it for free from Google. This image is copyright free and you too can get copyright free images from Google by following below given steps,

  1. Go to Google image search and search for your keyword. In this case its wordpress.
  2. Now, click on search tools.
  3. Now, From that horizontal menu, click on Usage rights and select labeled for reuse.

According to your use, You can select from that 4 options. Now, Select any image as per your need and download it. In this case, I have downloaded below given image,

The size of this image is 84.6KBs and resolution of this image is 640×413 but i only need 75% of the total resolution. Now, I will right click on image and will click on edit. Now image can be edited in paint and from paint we can resize image.

After resizing the image, New size is 64.3 KB and resolution of the image is 480×310. Now it is perfect for my blog as well as extra size of this image is trimmed. It is looking fine as well as its only of 64.3KB but then also we can decrease it further for better performance.

There is one tool named by which you can further decrease the size of the image without loosing quality of the image. I am going to do same and i did it! Now size of the image is only 34.8KB.!

Quality of the image is same! you can see and also compare above given image as well as below given image.

You can see the quality of this image is same as the image given at first when i found it! The only difference is first image was having the size of 84.6KB but now it is only 34.8KB. There is clear difference of 50KB which is really very high.

How to get optimal image size for web for better SEO performance

Further when i will upload image on my blog i will get more compression as my wordpress blog has plugin installed! It will compress this 34KB image to 30KB only. For this image only this much compression was needed as now its lighter as well as fit for my blog with high quality and by this technique you can decrease size of image without loosing quality.

For this plugin only this much work was needed which hardly took my 5 minutes but if you got image that is of multi hundred KB then here are some tips to get optimal image size for web.

  1. Only keep required dimensions

If your blog is showing any image with maximum dimension of 600Pixels*400Pixels then also if you are using image whose dimensions is 1024*768 or any bigger then required, then decrease the size to required only by using paint or by using some online tools.

  1. Always Use

Now you came to know the real power of as it decreases the size of the image by more then 40%-50% without loosing quality at all! I always use it to decrease my image’s size by many times without loosing quality.

  1. If image is still bigger then use

By using the above given 2 tips, Still image is bigger then 20-40 or 50 KB then you have to use and i personally recommend that because of its power to decrease size of image. Yes, in this case image quality can be affected a bit but then also thisis the great tool!

  1. Use plugin if you are using wordpress

Do you know about plugin? If you know that its ok but if you don’t know about it and using wordpress then it is the plugin which will compress your images whenever you upload it on your wordpress blog. Whenever you will upload any photo, it will automatically compress it.

Its your time :

It is very much important to get Optimal image size for web to improve your SEO performance. This tips are the best to do that and by using this, you can optimize any image for your website. So, If you have any questions related to this then you can comment it down as we are surely going to answer it as well as share this with your friends too.

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